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PUBG Snow Map Vikendi-Response from Community

Player'sunknown battleground (PUBG) is nowdays famous all around the world .It is in tranding due to its large fan following and by 27/7 support to players by its developers.Now,PUBG has announced a quite new update which will come in all platforms.

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi-Response from Community
Pubg Vikandi map

 In this update a big thing is new snow map Vikandi .It means the 4th map has been added in the game.Before this 6×6 map was added namely 'Sanhok'. The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Community played the new Vikandi map in the test servers which was released on the night of the Game Awards.

 After launching this new map players all around the world showed Positive response to the new snow map Vikandi.Before this various players all over the world left the game.Twitch streamers like Shroud, Dr. Disrespect and many others who left the game for good have once again returned to experience the new updates.

 After launching this new map the developers work and the whole community of Pubg's work was appreciated by players by posting it on Twitter,reddit etc.

 Reddit User Tobbbb wrote:-
 I quit playing PUBG in June waiting for the new map. Yesterday i played about 6    hours on Vikendi with my Squad and i gotta say: This map is awesome. 

 The map size is perfect. Sanhok is a bit to small/fast, Miramar too slow in the mid game. The Vikendi game flow is just right. The amount of good loot spots is really balanced as well IMO. There are some hot drops, but since most towns are equally sized the players really spread all over the map to 2 (rarely 3) teams max in one spot in squad play, what i really like. You can have action, but no cluster fuck. 

 The landscape feels great and is gorgeous. It feels like being in a real environment, i think the main reason for that is because they nailed the authenticity of the topography on this one. Every village/town is unique and has a lot of love for detail in it. They really look like old European/eastern European villages and allow for some great close combat scenarios and creative moves.

 If the Dev's/map designers who worked on Vikendi see this: Awesome job, you won me back with this one.

A lot of players appreciated the map,They showed love to this map by playing the game for Hour's aging. If you enjoyed this article then don't forget to comment down below.Also make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter below. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

PUBG Mobile Update 0.10 Patch Notes Leaked, Includes Snow map Vikendi

PUBG Mobile Update 0.10 Patch Notes Leaked, Includes Snow map Vikendi, Snow Weather, Cross Server Matchmaking and more

PUBG Mobile Update 0.10 Patch Notes Leaked, Includes Snow map Vikendi

Playersunknown Battleground (PUBG) Mobile which was Announced as the Best Game of 2018 on Google Play as well as the User’s Choice Game of 2018 on Google Play.A lot of new things had been added in the new version of 0.10.But one good thing is that the game has entered recently to the season 4 which has derived a lot of new players to the game and most of the players are upgrading to the ELITE PASS by which the company ( Pubg company) is generating better revenue.

The full support by devolpers to the plsyers is incredible which drives the mobile platform gamer's to spend countless hours in playing PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile. Now lets talk about the upcoming update of Pubg in which a brand new map VIKANDI (Dihor otok) had been added.

This map has been added to the servers and has been given for beta testing to players.The map will be available/released for Xbox and Ps4 to download at 0:00 UTC on 20 December 2018, and available for matchmaking 24 hours later.Before furter do if you have not read our article about VIKENDI (Snow map) then click below,

 Article:  Pubg update new snow map: know everything in detail.

 Now lets talk about PUBG MOBILE:
The new map Vikendi will not be released for PUBG MOBILE before the end of december or in the 3rd or 4th week of january.Full detailed article will be added to our website soon.

 The complete patch notes are as below —
 New Map and In-game changes:

  •  Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map 
  • Will be available for download at 0:00 UTC on 20 DEC 2018, and available for matchmaking 24 hours later 
  •  New weather mode added: Snow 
  • Scar-L has been removed in this map also as it was removed in the Sanhok map. 
  • Vikendi-exclusive vehicle: Snowmobile 
  • Snowball Fight added to Vikendi’s Spawn Island 
  • Added layout for players with large hands 
  • Added a display for Crew Challenge winners on Erangel’s Spawn Island. Season 1’s winning teams will appear on the Spawn Island of their respective server and modes (Season 2 registration starts at 0:00 UTC on 18 DEC 2018) 
  •  Players’ best results inÄ« Crew Challenge will now be shown on their Crew pages and can be shared with other players 

Thematic Changes: 

  •  Added a Snow theme to the main menu. Collect bells from all Classic mode matches and exchange them for rewards at the event center 
  •  Shop’s front page has been tuned to emphasize themes of each major update

Matchmaking Changes: 
  • Added cross-server matchmaking. After enabling, players have a chance to be matched to players of the same tier on other servers 
  •  Players that repeatedly exit matches right after starting will now be banned from finding matches for a period of time 

Security Improvements:
  • Players may now report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying.

Reward Improvements:
  •  Players now can collect all daily mission awards at once. 
  • Added Firearms Finish Upgrade System, where players can use materials at the Lab to upgrade certain weapon finishes to get additional kill effects, unique kill broadcasts, and death crate appearances. 
  •  Added Lucky Treasure, a feature that gives players a chance to get upgradable weapon finish Glacier – M416 when they finish daily missions. 
  •  Added Season spending rewards. Spend different amounts to get excellent rewards and steep discounts on firearm finishes 

Other Improvements:
  • Added Arabic support 
  •  Players now do not need to select a second language for matchmaking and chat 
  • Chat system now takes up less memory and stores more messages 
  •  New commands added to Quick Chat 


We do not have confirmed information on the exact date of release for the stable 0.10.0 apk update for Pubg Mobile. However, we expect the update to be released in the coming week.
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Thursday, December 6, 2018

PUBG Mobile wins 3 Honours at Google play awards 2018

PUBG Mobile wins 3 Honours at Google play awards 2018

PUBG Mobile wins 3 Honours at Google play awards 2018

PUBG Mobile wins 3 Honours at Google play awards 2018: 
Player’sunknown Battleground or PUBG Mobile is One of the best game and is one of the mostly played game in 2018 .PUBG has millions of players active players .The Game has millions of players logging in everyday to get those Chicken Dinners.

 The slogan of game “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” is making players so much curious to play the game and be the last survivor of the island.

 And at this year's Google Play Awards, PUBG reinforced its popularity by securing three major awards:

 - Best Game of 2018
 - Most Competitive Title
 - Fan Favorite Game

 In last couple of months PUBG has changed the entire view of the mobile gaming .In India the gaming community of PUBG is large then the other countries.

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In last two months Pubg did two major competitions (PUBG Mobile Star Challenge and PUBG Mobile Campus Championship), it has showed the gaming community that the mobile platforms are not something to be taken lightly.

 After winning the Awards,, The official twitter Account for PUBG Mobile thanked the players all around the world for making this Big achievement possible for PUBG.

 Recently,It was in the reports that PUBG has surpassed its rival Fortnite Battle Royale in micro-transaction revenue.As it was revealed in a recent report of Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence data.

 The micro-transaction revenue for PUBG rose up by 2.7 times last week in comparison to the previous seven days.At the end of the result revenue boost from $4.5 million to $12 million.

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 Not only in the revenue,PUBG has planned a lot of new things for the players which will be released in this month i,e December. Players can expect to get new Resident Evil 2 themed items and skins going forward.The reveal was made at the final of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge.

 Also from that PUBG will release the new snow map “VIKENDI” ( Dihor otok) before the 31st of December. I will update you for that you have to subscribe to our newsletter below.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, New rank system and much more.

PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, New rank system and more

PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, New rank system and more.

 PUBG Update patch 24 includes snow map: A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patch details were revealed by the PlayerUnknown's Battleground community manager for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macaw in a podcast with a content creator who goes by the name kimi69.

The whole details which were revealed about Patch 24 are quite interesting and it is what the Players of PUBG all over the world were waiting for over a long period of time.Below is the list of new things and new changes which you will see in the upcoming update of Patch 24 of PlayersUnknown Battleground. 

  1.   There will be a quite new system of reward system for parachuting and rank, the player can earn better rewards with better rank and creative, fast parachuting techniques.
  2.  A brand new better then previous cheat engine will be added in the game to prevent the cheats in the game.The players who will be using any kind of cheat on their account will be banned fastly and their names will be showed on the screen.The banned players name will appear on the kill feed section.In my opinion this is the best thing that the community of Pubg will add in the Game.The anti-cheat system will work same as we have seen in Rainbow six siege. 
  3.  The Brand new Snow map will be added in the game in the test servers before the 31st of December.The new snow map “Vikendi” will also include two weathers most probably the night mode and the blizzard mode. 
  4.  Footprints are also confirmed by the game and these will be used to track down the players. 
  5.  Not only footprints,The vehicle tracks will be also used in the game to track down the players . 
  6.  The community manager of Playerunknown Battleground has also confirmed that the brand new fast vehicle will be in the new snow map “Vikendi” .In my opinion the chances of Vehicle which will be added in the snow map is snowboard or snow mobile both of these have the high chances to be added. 
  7.  The user interface and the lobby has also chances to be updated in the game. 
  8.  Canted sights (red dots) are also confirmed to be added in the Pubg update patch 24 

The new PUBG Update will arrive before 31st December.I will update you if any new update comes in the Game.For that you have to subscribe to our newsletter to know when i will publish any of the articles.Till that stay connected to Pubgupdates.ooo 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pubg update -New snow map: know everything in detail

Pubg update -New snow map | If you are looking for an article that will help you to know about Pubg new upcoming snow map then you are at right place here you will know in detail about it. 

 Pubg Update -New snow map

PUBG Snow map is here : know everything in detail
Vikendi map
PlayersUnknown Battleground is back again with another good news,After a new map was announced and the map is viral on internet before the official release.The name of the new map is "VIKENDI (Dihor Otok)" and it is said to be that there will be Snow effects in the map as you can see in the images below.The map will be approaching the Winter .Every gamer of PUBG is so much exited about the new map.A youtube channel by the name of 'Allthenewsisgoodnews' has uploaded a vedio on his channel and this vedio is a full blueprint of the new VIKENDI map as you can see the vedio below.The map has been uploaded on the server, which means that Tencent Games might soon make it live.

 The fourth map in the Playersunknown Battleground also know as 'Snow map' by the players of the game all around the world.In the vedio there are various location showed which are as under:

Pubg update -New snow map vedio 

 ALSO READ:- Pubg New Venezia Map:Everything in detail
  1. Cosmodrome: it is a first place as shown in the map it is a space centre with the rocket in the middle. 
  2. Frozen River: As the name itself shows it is a frozen River but the intresting thing in that their are no buildings .Also as per the vedio information the players should get ready for another Bootcamp in this map as in Frozen River there are no places to hide. 
  3.  Castle: In the vedio you can see those cellers,underground locations, those high structures,You can say it that Castle is going to be another drop place for the players. 
  4.  Cement Factory: To be Honest with you guys,this place is not looking so much intrested,this place is looking almost same as Mylta Power which is a part of PUBG in Erangel Map. 
  5.  Frozen Lake: Personally, in my opinion after watching the above vedio the 'Frozen Lake' is going to be another location for the players to land ,and also this location is looking with some decent loot .The area is fully surrounded by a snow with frozen lake plenty of structures to find loot, camp and kill other players.

Pubg update -New snow map: The developers of the game has still not mentioned any release date of the map. According to last reveal i.e winter 2018 it should arrive any time. My guess is that it should be made available as a beta around the last week of December followed by an official release after one to two. But i would like to add this point also that when any news arrives i will let you know .For that you have to subscribe to our newsletter below which will let you know when i will upload a new article.

PUBG Mobile new venezia map : Everything in detail

pubg mobile new venezia map
Venezia-PUBG concept map

PUBG Mobile Update:

So,Guys todays this article is going to be too much intrested because a new map will be added in the game PUBG.Basically this map is officially confirmed by PUBG.So,there will another PUBG Mobile UPDATE

 We know that in terms of active players, PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is doing better than the actual PC version. Many players are waiting for the snow map because apart from skins, performance tweaks and the addition of some new things here and there PlayerUnknown's Battleground PC has not changed at all. While PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is doing quite well, the frequent updates with new modes, skins and events are keeping people engaged and not bored.

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 let's continue to our topic. You all read it correctly! There might be a chance that PlayerUnknown's Battleground might get yet another map apart from the snow map. As Reddit user, IamEzalor - has been working on a new concept map

 So,Guys i would like to add this point that the upcoming map name is 'VENEZIA' and this map is created by 'JAME CORE MAN' the same person who has created the 'SANHOK map'.Sanhok is a small map but very intrested. Basically this man lives in USA, Newyork city and this man is working in PUBG co-orporation,he makes new concepts & PUBG makes these things real in the Game.Also note this point that "ERANGEL & MIRAMAR" maps are not created by james core man .These two maps are created by someone else.

 Now ,lets know in full detail about the PUBG Mobile Update new map VENEZIA.
 Basically all maps in Pubg are inspired of any country for example: Erangel map is inspired of 'RUSSIA'S ISLAND'.The photage is taken from this island and you can see it in images below...This island is looking same as Erangel map.

Image of RUSSIA'S Island
Image of Island in Russia

 The new upcoming map VENEZIA is also inspired of a country named 'ITALY'.A place in Italy named as VENICE.As you can see images below. This map is too much intrested and also unique from the all existing maps.As you can see the dotted lines outside the map .These dotted lines are not BLUE ZONE this is also a part of the new Upcoming Map.

pubg mobile new venezia map
Venezia Map |Dotted outline

PUBG Mobile Update: Hopefuuly lets see when this PUBG UPDATE ,new map will be added in the game i,e when this map will be released offically .Also lets see which version will be that ?

Saturday, November 24, 2018

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Full details 0.9.5



  • Royale Pass is the main way for players to get rewards in the game. 
  • Royale Pass Points can be obtained in the following ways to increase the rank:

01   Complete Royale Pass Daily Missions and 
         Challenge Missions.Elite Pass holders will
         have access to Elite Missions to rank up faster.

02   Complete weekly challenges and participate 
           in events to get Royale Pass Point Cards that
           grant RP Points.

03   Sometimes opening crates will also
           award free Royale Pass Points.

04   Participate in in-game events to get more 
          free Royale Pass Points.


 Tap the "Upgrade Pass"
 button on the Royale
 Pass page to unlock
 Elite Pass or Elite Pass
 Plus and gain
 access to more missions
 and reward


 -Red Lightning Parachute 
 -Bboom Bboom Dance 
 -Blue Rose Military Jacket 
 -Flower Power UMP9


Q:Will the Royale Pass expire?
 A: Yes. The Royale Pass expires at the end of every season. 

Q: Can I keep Royale Pass items after the season ends?
 A: Sure. The items you get from Royale Pass are permanent except for the consumables like Room Cards. 

Q: Will the RP points be reset when the Pass expires?
 A: Yes. Please use RP points to redeem the rewards in the redemption page.

 Q: Do I need to purchase another Royale Pass at the beginning of a new season?
 A: Yes. A new season comes with a new Royale Pass and new items!

Final Words:-

  This article will be updated later with further details