Friday, December 21, 2018

Will PUBG banned in India ? Full detail

Will PUBG banned in India ? Full detail.

 Will PUBG banned in India ,Full detail:PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG)  Is one of the most played and most addicted game of 2018 for Xbox,Pc and MOBILE phones.Pubg Mobile won 3 awards on google play awards 2018. 

Will PUBG banned in India ? Full detail
Pubg will be Bbanned in India

 Everything was ok but few days ago a rumor goes viral on internet in which they were asking that “ PUBG will be banned in India “.Most of the people are asking that this game has started to train people about guns and by this thing terrorism will be spreaded.But this is totally FAKE .

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 After listening this news Indian players started searching on internet everywhere that Will PUBG banned in India ? Now i will tell you the exact situation about this rumour ; is this true or fake ? First of all let me clear you one thing that this is Only a game not in real life.

 Now let's talk about our topic: 
In India some of the colleges banned the game in their hostel.They putted proxy on their wifi servers which will not permit players to play PUBG on their wifi ONLY.Recently some of the websites were banned by Indian Govt. But players can play this game In their collage hostel if they will play Pubg on their own sim card internet.

Most of the people are saying that other colleges will also apply this thing So,This thing is clear that Pubg will not be banned in India.It is totally fake that Pubg will be Banned in india.

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