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Top 5 Best Looting places in PUBG Vikendi Map

Top 5 Best Looting places in PUBG  Vikendi Map: Hi guys if you are looking for Top 5 Best Looting Spots in PUBG Map Vikendi Then you are at right place.

Top 5 Best Looting places in PUBG Vikendi Map

Player's unknown Battleground Mobile recently launched its 4th map Known as vikandi map .The map is still in the Beta version for Mobile users but it is not looking in beta.This map become favourite of everyone because this is well optimized. All the community of Pubg is playing this map for hours to know best places in Vikandi to get best loot.I already have write an article about Pubg Community response about this new snow map Vikandi

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 Those who started to play this game recently then let me tell that this map is tough then the two popular maps Erangel and Sanhok.In order to survive and get chicken Dinner every time in this map then you need best loot always.

Top 5 Best Looting places in PUBG Vikendi Map

 In Vikandi some of the places are Full of loot but in some places you will not found anything without a pistol.So to avoid this problem of not getting a loot .Read this article carefully,if you want to know about Top 5 Best Looting places in PUBG Vikendi Map.

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 1) Cosmodrome 
Cosmodrome is a hotspot location in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile snow map Vikendi. This place has the great amount of loot and fight available for you all which makes it a good spot to drop. 

 2) Villa
 Though Villa is not that big spot, it boasts of some good loot at short range(closer loots). Villa is good choice for someone who wants some kill and is good at parachuting, as at the Villa if you land first then you will have an upper hand at the location.

 3) Podvosto 
Podvosto is also a good spot with a decent amount and quality of loot. Podvosto is a drop location somewhat similar to Pochinki In Erangel.

 4) Goroka
Goroka is a beautiful place to drop, good loot enough building for cover and a beautiful location with a frozen lake.

 5) Volnova
 Volnovais yet another good spot with vibes similar to Pochinki, though I would suggest that you should better drop one or two times and explore all the buildings and locations as the sheer amount of high building and windows might be a problem if you are new to the location.

Top 5 Best Looting places in PUBG Vikendi Map: I hope this article will help you a lot to get best loot in Vikandi and Get CHICKEN DINNER in every match.Also if you liked this article then don't forget to comment down below to tell me your suggestions regarded these places .