Saturday, December 1, 2018

PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, New rank system and much more.

PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, New rank system and more

PUBG Update: PUBG Patch 24 includes Snow Map, New rank system and more.

 PUBG Update patch 24 includes snow map: A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patch details were revealed by the PlayerUnknown's Battleground community manager for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macaw in a podcast with a content creator who goes by the name kimi69.

The whole details which were revealed about Patch 24 are quite interesting and it is what the Players of PUBG all over the world were waiting for over a long period of time.Below is the list of new things and new changes which you will see in the upcoming update of Patch 24 of PlayersUnknown Battleground. 

  1.   There will be a quite new system of reward system for parachuting and rank, the player can earn better rewards with better rank and creative, fast parachuting techniques.
  2.  A brand new better then previous cheat engine will be added in the game to prevent the cheats in the game.The players who will be using any kind of cheat on their account will be banned fastly and their names will be showed on the screen.The banned players name will appear on the kill feed section.In my opinion this is the best thing that the community of Pubg will add in the Game.The anti-cheat system will work same as we have seen in Rainbow six siege. 
  3.  The Brand new Snow map will be added in the game in the test servers before the 31st of December.The new snow map “Vikendi” will also include two weathers most probably the night mode and the blizzard mode. 
  4.  Footprints are also confirmed by the game and these will be used to track down the players. 
  5.  Not only footprints,The vehicle tracks will be also used in the game to track down the players . 
  6.  The community manager of Playerunknown Battleground has also confirmed that the brand new fast vehicle will be in the new snow map “Vikendi” .In my opinion the chances of Vehicle which will be added in the snow map is snowboard or snow mobile both of these have the high chances to be added. 
  7.  The user interface and the lobby has also chances to be updated in the game. 
  8.  Canted sights (red dots) are also confirmed to be added in the Pubg update patch 24 

The new PUBG Update will arrive before 31st December.I will update you if any new update comes in the Game.For that you have to subscribe to our newsletter to know when i will publish any of the articles.Till that stay connected to