Tuesday, December 11, 2018

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi-Response from Community

Player'sunknown battleground (PUBG) is nowdays famous all around the world .It is in tranding due to its large fan following and by 27/7 support to players by its developers.Now,PUBG has announced a quite new update which will come in all platforms.

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi-Response from Community
Pubg Vikandi map

 In this update a big thing is new snow map Vikandi .It means the 4th map has been added in the game.Before this 6×6 map was added namely 'Sanhok'. The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Community played the new Vikandi map in the test servers which was released on the night of the Game Awards.

 After launching this new map players all around the world showed Positive response to the new snow map Vikandi.Before this various players all over the world left the game.Twitch streamers like Shroud, Dr. Disrespect and many others who left the game for good have once again returned to experience the new updates.

 After launching this new map the developers work and the whole community of Pubg's work was appreciated by players by posting it on Twitter,reddit etc.

 Reddit User Tobbbb wrote:-
 I quit playing PUBG in June waiting for the new map. Yesterday i played about 6    hours on Vikendi with my Squad and i gotta say: This map is awesome. 

 The map size is perfect. Sanhok is a bit to small/fast, Miramar too slow in the mid game. The Vikendi game flow is just right. The amount of good loot spots is really balanced as well IMO. There are some hot drops, but since most towns are equally sized the players really spread all over the map to 2 (rarely 3) teams max in one spot in squad play, what i really like. You can have action, but no cluster fuck. 

 The landscape feels great and is gorgeous. It feels like being in a real environment, i think the main reason for that is because they nailed the authenticity of the topography on this one. Every village/town is unique and has a lot of love for detail in it. They really look like old European/eastern European villages and allow for some great close combat scenarios and creative moves.

 If the Dev's/map designers who worked on Vikendi see this: Awesome job, you won me back with this one.

A lot of players appreciated the map,They showed love to this map by playing the game for Hour's aging. If you enjoyed this article then don't forget to comment down below.Also make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter below.