Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pubg update -New snow map: know everything in detail

Pubg update -New snow map | If you are looking for an article that will help you to know about Pubg new upcoming snow map then you are at right place here you will know in detail about it. 

 Pubg Update -New snow map

PUBG Snow map is here : know everything in detail
Vikendi map
PlayersUnknown Battleground is back again with another good news,After a new map was announced and the map is viral on internet before the official release.The name of the new map is "VIKENDI (Dihor Otok)" and it is said to be that there will be Snow effects in the map as you can see in the images below.The map will be approaching the Winter .Every gamer of PUBG is so much exited about the new map.A youtube channel by the name of 'Allthenewsisgoodnews' has uploaded a vedio on his channel and this vedio is a full blueprint of the new VIKENDI map as you can see the vedio below.The map has been uploaded on the server, which means that Tencent Games might soon make it live.

 The fourth map in the Playersunknown Battleground also know as 'Snow map' by the players of the game all around the world.In the vedio there are various location showed which are as under:

Pubg update -New snow map vedio 

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  1. Cosmodrome: it is a first place as shown in the map it is a space centre with the rocket in the middle. 
  2. Frozen River: As the name itself shows it is a frozen River but the intresting thing in that their are no buildings .Also as per the vedio information the players should get ready for another Bootcamp in this map as in Frozen River there are no places to hide. 
  3.  Castle: In the vedio you can see those cellers,underground locations, those high structures,You can say it that Castle is going to be another drop place for the players. 
  4.  Cement Factory: To be Honest with you guys,this place is not looking so much intrested,this place is looking almost same as Mylta Power which is a part of PUBG in Erangel Map. 
  5.  Frozen Lake: Personally, in my opinion after watching the above vedio the 'Frozen Lake' is going to be another location for the players to land ,and also this location is looking with some decent loot .The area is fully surrounded by a snow with frozen lake plenty of structures to find loot, camp and kill other players.

Pubg update -New snow map: The developers of the game has still not mentioned any release date of the map. According to last reveal i.e winter 2018 it should arrive any time. My guess is that it should be made available as a beta around the last week of December followed by an official release after one to two. But i would like to add this point also that when any news arrives i will let you know .For that you have to subscribe to our newsletter below which will let you know when i will upload a new article.