Wednesday, November 28, 2018

PUBG Mobile new venezia map : Everything in detail

pubg mobile new venezia map
Venezia-PUBG concept map

PUBG Mobile Update:

So,Guys todays this article is going to be too much intrested because a new map will be added in the game PUBG.Basically this map is officially confirmed by PUBG.So,there will another PUBG Mobile UPDATE

 We know that in terms of active players, PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is doing better than the actual PC version. Many players are waiting for the snow map because apart from skins, performance tweaks and the addition of some new things here and there PlayerUnknown's Battleground PC has not changed at all. While PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is doing quite well, the frequent updates with new modes, skins and events are keeping people engaged and not bored.

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 let's continue to our topic. You all read it correctly! There might be a chance that PlayerUnknown's Battleground might get yet another map apart from the snow map. As Reddit user, IamEzalor - has been working on a new concept map

 So,Guys i would like to add this point that the upcoming map name is 'VENEZIA' and this map is created by 'JAME CORE MAN' the same person who has created the 'SANHOK map'.Sanhok is a small map but very intrested. Basically this man lives in USA, Newyork city and this man is working in PUBG co-orporation,he makes new concepts & PUBG makes these things real in the Game.Also note this point that "ERANGEL & MIRAMAR" maps are not created by james core man .These two maps are created by someone else.

 Now ,lets know in full detail about the PUBG Mobile Update new map VENEZIA.
 Basically all maps in Pubg are inspired of any country for example: Erangel map is inspired of 'RUSSIA'S ISLAND'.The photage is taken from this island and you can see it in images below...This island is looking same as Erangel map.

Image of RUSSIA'S Island
Image of Island in Russia

 The new upcoming map VENEZIA is also inspired of a country named 'ITALY'.A place in Italy named as VENICE.As you can see images below. This map is too much intrested and also unique from the all existing maps.As you can see the dotted lines outside the map .These dotted lines are not BLUE ZONE this is also a part of the new Upcoming Map.

pubg mobile new venezia map
Venezia Map |Dotted outline

PUBG Mobile Update: Hopefuuly lets see when this PUBG UPDATE ,new map will be added in the game i,e when this map will be released offically .Also lets see which version will be that ?